Digital Banking Tips by Tolga TAVLAS

Simple and Practical Tips both for Professionals and anyone who is interested in Digital Banking!

Read and simply put them into practice at your business.

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If your financial institution has been in business for a while, making the move to digital banking could be the most challenging thing you’ve had to deal with in a long time. You might have a pretty good idea of where you want to end up, but right now the path to get there is hidden behind a fog of uncertainty. Fortunately you’ve picked up this guide, filled with advice from those who’ve travelled the path before!

Perhaps you are in a position to offer services to a financial institution that offers digital banking? This book can help you understand what those companies need, and how you can package your product in a way that will help them move their business forward. There are almost limitless opportunities for GSM (Telecom) operators, software developers, and value-added service providers to further cultivate this segment of their market.

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About the author

Tolga Tavlas has seventeen years of expertise as to executive in conceiving and Implementing Internet and mobile solutions did elevate brand image, maximize online security, Generate Revenues and Provide cost-effective migration to digital transaction channels.

Currently, Tolga has been working for UniCredit Bank as expatriate responsible for delivering digital insight among twelve CEE countries. He Creates new interactions between web, internet banking and mobile channels to form a seamless Omni Channel Experience and enhancing this experience with better digital offerings. Tolga so Specializes in the cyber security area, coordinating business / security units, and concrete recommendations for mitigating Provides sophisticated cyber threats.

He has been acknowledged Throughout his career as a customer-centric, analytical leader and trouble-shooter. Tolga is a world class professional with progressive digital business experience accumulated from his work with Consulting and Financial Services Industries Throughout Europe and Turkey.

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